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<a href="">Echoes of Mimir by That Summer</a>
Echoes of Mimir

<a href="">Nine Shrunken Pieces (Mini CD) by That Summer</a>
Nine Shrunken Pieces

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Jardins de printemps

We’re proud to be part (together with And Also The Trees, Ulan Bator, Pascale Le Berre, Complot, Olivier Mellano, Richard Pinhas, Aswefall and many others) of the beautiful Terres Neuves project – a compilation of music (2 CD) and texts accompanying a portfolio by photographer Jérôme Sevrette.

For this compilation, we recorded a new version of an old (& cold) song, Winter Gardens, from That Summer’s first CD, with lyrics in French inspired by Jérôme’s fascinating polaroids (and by a song by Depeche Mode) – we’ve playing this song live for quite a while. Hope you enjoy this bit of coldness in this never-beginning Spring.

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