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<a href="">Echoes of Mimir by That Summer</a>
Echoes of Mimir

<a href="">Nine Shrunken Pieces (Mini CD) by That Summer</a>
Nine Shrunken Pieces

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Sweet 16

THAT SUMMER WISH YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Stay tuned, we’ll be back soon. (A remix of this track by Eminence Grise aka Pascale Le Berre is featured our ‘Back from ancient gardens’ LP, a limited anniversary edition still to be purchased (cheaply) from Optical Sound and listened to/downloaded read more

Happy anniversary, merry Xmas!

[English below] Chers, Je suis heureux de vous annoncer la publication chez Optical Sound, ce samedi 13/12/14, du LP   Back From Ancient Gardens (Industry & Idleness) tout premier vinyle de l’histoire de That Summer, commémorant les 20 ans de la sortie de mon premier album, Drowsiness of read more

Autumn teaser

THAT SUMMER, ‘Back From Ancient Gardens (Industry & Idleness)’, limited 20th anniversary edition, out on December 13th (and on Optical Sound). Featuring Nicolas Jorio, Tony Wakeford, Bruno Letort, Cyril Secq, Tarwater, Minizza, Quentin Sirjacq, Rainier Lericolais, Étienne Bonhomme & Julien Sirjacq, Emmanuel Lagarrigue, Éminence Grise, Charles-Éric. read more

Vingt après: live @ Palais de Tokyo

[Homemade English version below] Chers tous, Merci à ceux d’entre vous qui ont contribué via KissKiss BankBank à la production de Back From Ancient Gardens (Industry & Idleness). Et merci aux musiciens qui ont participé, via une reprise ou un remix, à ce LP (le premier de l’histoire read more

We love you

¡¡¡ MERCI / GRAZIE / THANK YOU / DANKE SCHÖN / OBRIGADO / GRACIAS !!! That Summer’s first LP ever will out soon – thanks to YOU. read more

Working on it

and wishing a happy shiny New Year to you all………………………. Tweet